Mobile App Sec Assemble

Mobile App Sec Assemble

One of the reasons why I write blog posts about mobile app sec is for future me. I don't have a good memory so these posts help me refresh techniques and steps I need to perform to RE mobile applications, and more than once when I've shared one of my or someone else's post on social media, I've had a reply where someone would say "oh thanks, have you seen X" and they share a related blog post or article.

The community aspect of social media posts help everyone that's interested in a particular topic. In my case it is mobile application security. I recently shared a writeup about RE iOS applications and the response has been great. I've had many people reaching out with ideas and suggestions, others with questions and guidance. In general I've seen that there is a small community around mobile application security.

In one of the most recent DMs I got on Twitter, a person asked me if I had considered creating a community on Telegram/Slack/Discord. As I replied to them, yes, yes I had. I honestly didn't create one before because didn't think there were going to be enough interested people to join. But like this person mentioned, even 10-15 active members would make it worth it. I agree and this is why I decided to create a Slack workspace and try it out for a while. This workspace is intended for people interested in mobile application security for both iOS and Android, we'll have channels like #malware, #forensics, #bug-bounty-programs, etc. Just a heads up, no piracy is allowed 😉 play nice. If it grows, fantastic 🎉! if it doesn't, well, we tried!

Let me know if you're interested in becoming part of this community and send me an email to ios @ <this domain> or DM me on Twitter.

Photo by William White on Unsplash