Google Photos

Millions of photos and videos are taken every day (specially selfies) to immortalize trips, birthdays, parties, company events, etc. and after that we just share the best ones on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram and the rest just ends up in an external hard drive that we use for backups; we don’t print them anymore, which is causing photography retailers to […]

[Could Not Sign In] iOS 9b3 and watchOS 2b2

Last Wednesday Apple released the iOS 9 beta 3 and the watchOS 2 beta 3; sadly it has an issue with iMessage and iCloud authentication. This means that if you upgrade your phone before your watch, when you try to pair them you will get stuck on this screen: And won’t be able to login, don’t worry is not your password nor […]

1 month with the Apple Watch

Yes, I was one of the crazy people that woke up at 3am (EST) to pre-order the Apple Watch; now it’s been a month since I received mine and after this time of using it daily this is my personal opinion on the Watch: It is not an iPhone replacement, you are not going to […]